a couple on a date

3 Essentials You Need to Talk About on Your First Date


Going for a date with someone you love surely brings joyful and indescribable feelings. But without plan sexe, the date may not go as expected. As counterintuitive as it may seem, you need to plan for it. And here are the things you need to talk about on your first date:


holding a TV remoteEven the most boring person on Earth will have preference over things. And if you have decided to give a person a chance, then you’d better be true to your words. On the first date, try to make a conversation about hobbies, movies, Netflix series, games, music, art, etc. 

If you don’t want to sound like you’re asking too many questions, you can start the conversation by telling your date partner what you’ve been interested in lately. Maybe a sentence like, “The latest episode of Rick & Morty got me to think about whether I’m just a clone in an alternate universe of myself.” And you heard that just right. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not because that will only attract people who are not compatible with you. If you’re a geek for sci-fi movies, then a geek it is!

Your Partner’s Image of Themselves

People don’t get to talk about this that much these days. On the first date, you must not be occupied with too many details of yourself and forget to ask your date about theirs. However, don’t confuse this part with your date’s interests. Things that a person likes to do do not define who they are as a whole. Just ask them a very simple question, “How would you like to describe yourself to someone that you like?” You’ll be surprised by how unexpected their answers will be. But bear in mind that you should never sound like you’re dictating your date on how to answer that question. 

Sexual Compatibility

a loving coupleThis topic may not be the right one to ask exactly right after you and your date sit on the dining table. Still, it is definitely supposed to be discussed on the first date unless you don’t want the date to be sexual at all (Yes, it is very possible!). 

Sexual compatibility explore your beliefs, preferences, kinks, and no-gos. But this can be tricky since it’s okay to talk about only after you and your date feel comfortable. You have to sense for clues. If things are still awkward, don’t force it because it may leave a very wrong impression.