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Finding the Best Butt Plug

While technology has made ordinary tools into extraordinary devices, the butt plug has not been left behind. There are so many advanced features of this sex toy that you won’t believe it could happen. You might have thought that the old butt plug was enough to give you several orgasms but wait until you try the newest version of this innovative sex toy.

But all butt plugs are not created the same. You may have to check on features that suit your physical makeup and capabilities. Being a newbie in anal play should all the more give you reasons to go the extra mile. Of course, you must be expecting something exceptionally gratifying, especially that it is your first time. You are not giving up your valued innocence for something that will not please you.

To find the best butt plug for a newbie in anal play, here are some features that you should look for to ensure a safe and satisfying experience that will surely make your sex life more thrilling.

Remote Control

Let him control the device for you. You will surely agree that the experience may be better than when your partner was around as it uses your imagination without limit.

sex toyVibration

When choosing a butt plug, it helps to check the degree and kind of vibration that a butt plug can give you. You might not want a butt plug that will let you feel like you are under an intensity 8 earthquake. You can go with butt plugs that have an gentle intermittent and increasing vibration or one with a constant degree of vibration.

Size of Butt Plug

So, size really matters? Yes. It does to a newbie like you. You should start with the smaller versions. You may not be able to take the big ones at first. It’s your decision if you want something more in the coming weeks.

Material Used

vibratorIt should always be our responsibility to check on the safety of sex toys before we buy them. It can be embarrassing to be inflicted with injury on our private parts because of an unsafe sex toy. Always be sure that the sex toys are not made from harmful materials that may irritate you down there.

Being open-minded and fearless can be the best way to discover the most satisfying experiences in life. Butt plugs have been here for decades and are continuing its goal in providing maximum gratification to those who have been using it.…

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Fleshlight Quickshot: A Must-Have for Every Man

Let’s admit it. Every man has his naughty side. But what if you do not have a partner and you feel like doing the deed? Does that mean that you just have to sleep on it and forget all about it? That wouldn’t be a good idea as you will definitely have the blue balls!

The good news is, there are so many male masturbators available nowadays. All you have to do is to pick one that suits your needs, and your fantasies will become real as you watch your favorite porn videos, especially if you go for the Fleshlight Quickshot – one of the hottest male sex toys on the marketplace.

Here are the reasons you must have this sweetheart in your nightstand:

Gives a More Natural Squeeze

Most of the time, guys tend to get so harsh when playing themselves that they squeeze their manhood too tight, which is not good. Doing so can make you lose your sensitivity down there, and you might have a hard time reaching your climax once you are already making love with your partner.

With Quickshot, though, this can be avoided. The product has been designed to mimic the natural grip of a real vagina, making it safe and really effective.

Offers Versatility

This special male sex toy is also quite versatile. Whether you just want to focus on the head of your penis or you wish to have a full-stroke, the Quickshot can do it all for you. And what’s more? It can give you that real feeling of getting a blowjob! This is something that you won’t be able to enjoy if you use the other types or brands of male masturbators.


Mimics the Real Thing

Like what we have mentioned above, the Quickshot and all the other products made by Fleshlight can provide you THE best masturbation experience ever! That’s because these items are made with the highest quality materials that mimic the real thing. In fact, the Quickshot is probably the closest to a woman’s vagina when talking about the ‘feel’.

Offers Easy Handling and Cleaning

The Fleshlight Quickshot is also not as bulky as the other male masturbators that are being sold these days. This means that you can easily store them. You can take it with you anywhere you go without noticing your little secret!

Another reason why you should consider investing in this toy is because it is super easy to clean. Since you can open both ends, it is so much easier to reach the different areas. You just have to insert your finger in there or let water run through it.…

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Three Ways to Improve Your Porn-Watching Experience

Watching porn is the most practical solution to relieve the sexual drive to some people. You do not need to be afraid of getting any diseases, and you can even pick your favorite sexual materials as easy as typing the title or genre on your screen. Besides, if you live in a country where sex is considered taboo, porn can be your safest means when you get horny.

However, this method of self-pleasuring can be tedious and lack of livelihood after a while. And if you’ve been seeking the ways to make it as exciting as the first time you discover porn, you’ve just come to read the right article!

1. VR Porn

a hot makeoutVR stands for Virtual Reality, which is a visual entertainment technology that can bring you to an immersive experience of any visual content you prefer. VR uses a headset to operate. And luckily for you, these are a list of the best vr porn sites with good acting and excellent camera angles: VR Bangers, Wankz VR, Badoink VR, VR Cosplay X, Czech VR, Reality Lovers, and Naughty America VR. Most of them will cost you anywhere from $10 to $30 per month, a pretty good deal considering that there are a lot of female performers you can choose from there.

However, the average price of VR headsets is $300. If you are unsure about spending that amount of money on the device, then you can turn your smartphone into a VR headset by using a VR kit. It will cost you around $20 to $45.

2. Remote Control Sex Toys

vibratorWhat is better than an immersive visual experience of watching porn? The answer will be interacting with the performer! If you have not updated your knowledge of technology, then you should know that some sex toys enable remote participation of the second party. And the cam-girls industry certainly makes such a tool as their means to boost their clients’ satisfaction.

The best ones in the market are We-Vibe and OhMiBod. The best sites there support this tech are Chaturbate, CamSoda, and LiveJasmin. Usually, you need to purchase tokens to operate the performer’s sex toys, and on average, they’ll cost you anywhere from $20 to $50.

3. Interactive Sex Toys

If in the previous section, we discuss how you can play your way to the performer, here, it is the opposite. Male sex toys have been through technological development, and they have enabled you to use them interactively with the content you watch. The best one in the market these days are Vstroker fleshlights and Kiiro Onyx sets. With these devices, watching porn will be more like a game than a mere passive voyeur experience. However, they will cost you around $100 to $300.…

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How Sex Toys Can Spice up Your Relationship

There are so many things that can put your relationship on the rocks. Lack of trust is one of the leading causes of relationship misunderstandings. It can come about as a result of cheating or lack of communication. The other relationship killer is not getting the kind of sexual satisfaction you need.

This can result in cheating because one will end up walking out to get the satisfaction they need from someone else. Communicating during such situations is essential. Speaking up will help fix your situation. You can agree on some of the things you will do to spice up your sex life which is vital for your relationship.

Using sex toys can be vital in such a situation. They got all it takes to give you the satisfaction you need. The penis ring is one you can use. It has the right features and functionalities to leave your partner satisfied. You can have a look at the reviews of the best vibrating cock ring to understand which one is the best.

Before using these toys, you should consult your partner. Not everyone is comfortable using them. Also, observe the different safety practices before using them to avoid related accidents. You should also maintain high levels of hygiene to avoid using a contaminated device. Sex toys can spice up your sex life and relationship in several ways which include:

More Orgasms

adult toyYou are guaranteed extra orgasms if you use sex toys. They have different features that can properly work on your sensitive areas like the G spot or the clitoris. Vibrating elements in some of these devices will help you attain more orgasms once they hit your sensitive spots. This will leave you satisfied.

Guaranteed Happiness

Using these devices will help bring about that happiness which is vital for your relationship. The level of satisfaction that comes with their use will leave both partners happy. Trying new things such as the use of sex toys will make your relationship less boring. How about you use them to leave your partner extra happy.


sex deviceYou are guaranteed satisfaction once you use this device. Women who take longer to reach their orgasm can use them to get the kind of pleasure they need. Many will reach their orgasm fast and even attain a couple of them which will bring about the satisfaction which is vital in keeping a relationship going. Both partners benefit in this case.…

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Sex Toys 101 to Spice Up Your Sexual Life

Creativity is always appreciated, including creativity in the bedroom. Being kinky is a sexual advantage, and a kinky person can come up with various exciting sex positions, which is a real example of the implementation of bedroom creativity. But at some points, we might need more than just our organic limbs.

Using sex toys will, indeed, brings more thrill, if not satisfaction, to your relationship. It gives the sensation of getting an ‘additional help’ without involving other people who can invite jealousy. And sex toys are sold with many variations, which make them confusing to layman’s eyes.

Let us learn the 101 guidelines to understand the use of sex toys better.

BDSM instruments

handcuffBDSM (Bondage and Sadomasochism) is the very definition of kinky sex. One partner acts as the dominant, while the other as the submissive. The roleplay usually is from these scenarios:

  • Master & Slave
  • Boss and Workers
  • Teacher & Student

BDSM uses whips, handcuffs, and leather instruments. It taught lovers to entrust and give in their bodies to their partners. Little pain might be introduced, but there is the safe-word to stop the whole activity if one partner feels that it is too much.

Finger vibrator

One type of vibrators is the one that can be attached to fingers. Aidier, Sex Toys Online Store, and HIAugymer are the three top brands of finger vibrators.

PoseBuy one that might suit your style. And you need to know, that purchasing one of three mentioned brands is a bad idea if your partner has trypophobia unless, of course, inducing fear has been your plan since the beginning.

Use the finger vibrator when you are at the foreplay stage, not as soon as you kiss your partner, but perhaps a little while after you two have exchanged passionate kisses. Females’ pleasure spot is on their clitoris, while males’ on their prostates.

Start with light and gentle vibration, and gradually rise to the heavy one. Play with it after your partner has been aroused enough.

Double dildo

Double HeadIf it has not crossed your mind, penetrative pleasure is not exclusive to women. With a double dildo, you can ask your partner to peg you while feeling the pleasure too.

By giving the chance of penetration to your partner, you bring new excitement to your sexual life, which is a turn-on on its own.


Blindfold2With a blindfold on your partner, you can eliminate her/his ability to anticipate what action you are going to do. It will bring a thrill to your love session.

Combine a blindfold with BDSM instrument, and do a roleplay. There will be no more prince who saves his love from the dungeon, but a captor and the kidnapped victim.…

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