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Finding the Best Butt Plug

While technology has made ordinary tools into extraordinary devices, the butt plug has not been left behind. There are so many advanced features of this sex toy that you won’t believe it could happen. You might have thought that the old butt plug was enough to give you several orgasms but wait until you try the newest version of this innovative sex toy.

But all butt plugs are not created the same. You may have to check on features that suit your physical makeup and capabilities. Being a newbie in anal play should all the more give you reasons to go the extra mile. Of course, you must be expecting something exceptionally gratifying, especially that it is your first time. You are not giving up your valued innocence for something that will not please you.

To find the best butt plug for a newbie in anal play, here are some features that you should look for to ensure a safe and satisfying experience that will surely make your sex life more thrilling.

Remote Control

Let him control the device for you. You will surely agree that the experience may be better than when your partner was around as it uses your imagination without limit.

sex toyVibration

When choosing a butt plug, it helps to check the degree and kind of vibration that a butt plug can give you. You might not want a butt plug that will let you feel like you are under an intensity 8 earthquake. You can go with butt plugs that have an gentle intermittent and increasing vibration or one with a constant degree of vibration.

Size of Butt Plug

So, size really matters? Yes. It does to a newbie like you. You should start with the smaller versions. You may not be able to take the big ones at first. It’s your decision if you want something more in the coming weeks.

Material Used

vibratorIt should always be our responsibility to check on the safety of sex toys before we buy them. It can be embarrassing to be inflicted with injury on our private parts because of an unsafe sex toy. Always be sure that the sex toys are not made from harmful materials that may irritate you down there.

Being open-minded and fearless can be the best way to discover the most satisfying experiences in life. Butt plugs have been here for decades and are continuing its goal in providing maximum gratification to those who have been using it.…

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