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Messages to Build Support for Marriage

Since November of last year, Let California Ring has been working to identify the most effective messaging to move people our way on marriage equality. The focus is not only on the message itself, but on who delivers the message, by which means of delivery (in person, direct mail, television, etc.), and to which audience.

To begin the work, we looked carefully at 75 research studies that have been conducted over the past five years--from California, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington, and elsewhere. We wanted to get a good sense of where the research points us—what seems consistent from study to study. Let California Ring coalition partner Freedom to Marry led in carrying out this analysis—they collected the 75 studies and performed the analysis.

  1. Read the Report: Moving Marriage Forward (.pdf)
  2. Let us know what you think make the best messages and messengers to build support for marriage.

We will then test some of these ideas and report back to you on our findings.

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Which groups of people, or which audiences, do you think we most need to reach in order to build support for marriage equality?:
Why do these groups oppose marriage equality? What might change their minds?:
What are good ways to motivate LGBT people and allies to make the case for marriage equality to family members and friends?:
Think back to a conversation you’ve had with someone who became more supportive. What did you say that convinced them?:
Of the ads you’ve seen, which did you think were the most effective? Do you have an idea for one that would be more convincing?:
Can you think of any messages that you think would be effective that, to your knowledge, no one has tried yet?:
Can you think of any messengers who you think would be especially persuasive?:
Do you have any thoughts that weren’t captured by one of the questions above?: