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We’re pleased to be reinvigorating Let California Ring, a public education campaign on the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in California. Since 2006, Let California Ring has reached out in communities and over the airwaves statewide to help Californians understand the importance of the freedom to marry. To date through Let California Ring, $15 million has been invested in marriage education work, including $4 million in communities of color, making it the largest campaign in the country of its kind. Let California Ring has conducted public education efforts through television, radio and print ads, house meetings, public forums, and trainings across the state. The Let California Ring coalition numbers over 50 organizations at present.

 Reframing the Debate on our Terms 
By Ron Buckmire

 Building Compassion and Support By Luis López

 Winning Because of Faith By Samuel Chu

 Sharing our Families' Stories By Judy Appel

 Increasing Our Visibility By Jarrett Barrios



I want that moment – for myself, for my family
Liam, Oakland


This movement has never been about the freedom to marry for myself; I can marry the woman I love someday. I am, however, part of the queer community—my Mom and her partner Nellie have been my model for a healthy, committed relationship for 25 of my 26 years on this planet...

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