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Marriage is Forever

Jean & Toby, Auburn

Jean and Toby fell in love. What a great start to a story. It wasn't just love, it was forever love. We knew we wanted a child. We knew we wanted a life together. Our dream was someday to be old women with our arms around each other sitting on a porch swing watching our grandchildren playing in the yard.  


    Jean and Toby celebrate their wedding.

We are both bisexual, so the thought of marriage had always been a "maybe" for each of us, depending on the sex of our life partner. Now that we each knew that the love of our life was another woman, we saw a whole new side to marriage: it was something we couldn't have, legally, without a fight.  

We had a child, bought a house, and got engaged. On July 19, 2003 we had a beautiful wedding overlooking the ocean, with our friends and family present, and got a few state rights from our Domestic Partnership. On February 14, 2004 we got married at San Francisco City Hall, and were annulled a few months later.  

We continue to fight for the respect marriage offers so our daughter will grow up feeling good about her family. We continue to work for fairness in our treatment by the government in the areas of taxation and health care for our families. Most of all we never forget that it is all about love: our love for each other, our love for our child. Family is forever. Marriage is forever. Our love is forever.


Date Created: 11/13/2007
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